This Cute Guy Singing With Total Strangers Stuck In Traffic Will Make Your Heart Melt

I love this guy. This is awesome! Totally inspirational, too. We should all take some time to let some happiness into our lives!

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I can’t tell what part of this video is my favorite — it’s somewhere between how adorable the guy is, how happy everyone is about hearing the song, or how into the dance moves some of the drivers get. Even though, knowing myself, I would probably just scowl at him as I rolled up my window (I don’t do well in traffic), I am happy there are some drivers out there who are in a good enough mood to make for an amazing impromptu sing-a-long. Yay! [tc-mark]

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My Latest Ultrasound.

I got to see my little boy today.. The tech went from his head to his toes measuring and looking at him. She kept saying things like “perfect!” “great!” “perfectly normal!” and then she got to his legs and… stopped talking. 

When I saw the doctor afterwards, the doctor said “Everything looks great… except his legs are a little abnormal.” (Like, what does that mean?) She said they were twisted in an abnormal way, and it could be a mistake so they want to send me for a Level 3 ultrasound with a perinatal specialist to make sure. 

My heart dropped. 

I am really trying to be optimistic and here’s where my heads at – I have had MULTIPLE ultrasounds and no one has ever said anything about my son’s legs being twisted or abnormal. I have to believe that everything will work out for the best. I have to. 

I love this little boy so much, no matter what. 

I see the specialist next week and will know more. 


A concerned Mom-to-be.