That Moment When You Cry To Your Boss.

I went to work today with the shirt my husband wore the day before he deployed.

I have the most trouble in the morning, leaving my house. I don’t want to leave. I like being home where things remind me of him.

I love that our bed still smells like him. Eventually, his lingering smell and little things he left places are going to be gone. I’m going to clean the sheets, and pick up his boots, etc. I’m going to have to figure out a way to cope with that.

I’m not there yet, though. Here’s where I’m at today… My boss came up to me, I don’t remember what she had to say but she looked at me for a second. A second too long. I lost it bawling.

She just kept asking me “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” and I just kept on bawling.

… so, that was cool.



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