Our Little Love Story

It makes sense that my first blog post would be a past-tense look into my relationship. And, let’s be honest… who doesn’t like talking about how they met the love of their life?

To understand my relationship, you have to understand that I am a very passionate person. I have made life-changing decisions based on who I was dating at the time and I’m not proud of that but I believe that every decision that I made led me to my husband.

I moved across the country for my (ex) boyfriend’s benefit. He was completing his Masters Degree at the time and then it was off to Medical School. Since we had been together for almost five years, and my career was based around Photography – and easily uprooted, I obliged.

I wasn’t unhappy with my ex. In fact, we had a perfectly normal relationship. Five years. He was a great guy, sensitive, 6’5”, doctor-to-be, came from a wealthy family — basically every Mother’s dream for their daughter. Something was always missing with us, though. Not sure if it was because he came from such a wealthy family and I didn’t, therefore I always felt like we were from different worlds, or if it was his lack of romance? I really couldn’t tell you. It was something I couldn’t explain.

Well, I couldn’t explain it… until the day I met my husband.

I started a new job and 3-4 months in, this man walked up to my desk to introduce himself and offer a friendly hello. He didn’t work for the same company but he managed the company next door that we worked closely with.

To say I felt sparks would be embarrassing and incriminating – but it’s true. It was like our eyes met and something clicked inside both of us. Now, remember – I had a serious long term boyfriend. He had a girlfriend, too. So, this was nothing but a friendly encounter.

He walked away and about fifteen minutes later came back – put his business card on my desk and said, “Look, I’ve never done this before but I am leaving on vacation tomorrow and I would kick myself in the ass every day that I’m gone if I didn’t give you my number.” I was embarrassed, blushing.. All I could muster up was a “Thank you.” (I’m so smooth.)

He turned to walk away and turned around again and said “Wait, before I go, I just have to know. Do you have a boyfriend?” and I couldn’t say yes but I couldn’t lie to him either. So I said “maybe?” and I’ll never forget the smile that came across his face and he just said… “Ok. I’ll take that.” and walked away…

Little did we know that our lives were changed forever.


Fast forward months of confusion, drama, break-ups and relocations… It was a very dark and confusing and also a very eye-opening experience for me, those months. I didn’t know what to do, I had these crazy feelings that I couldn’t explain for a guy I had never hung out with. But I had a boyfriend who I stood by for five years that deserved to know what was going on inside my head. It took months of on-and-off again discussions with my ex before I realized what I felt for my husband was sincere and wasn’t going to change.

It took him two months after we finally started dating to propose. Two months! I had dated my ex for five years and we never even considered marriage. Two months with this man and I knew I could never live a day without him.

Sappy, right?